Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm a foster dog!

Hi Everyone!  Lots of you already know me from the BADRAP Barn Blog.  For those of you who don't - Officer Alicia Pato found me starving to death in a yard in Antioch - but she watched over me until I was better.  Thank You Officer Pato!!!
But all that is behind me - I went to live at the BADRAP Barn and it's been nothing but good ever since.
I've had a great few months at the BADRAP Barn - making friends with lots of great people and other dogs.  But a spot opened in a foster home and it was decided that I would be the dog to go live in a real home.  Lucky Me!!
So here is where I'll keep all of you updated on what's going on with me in my foster home until I find my forever home.  I'm learning so many new things!
Here's a preview:

Me at a cafe - can I have some of your biscotti?

Couch surfin'


  1. YAY!! I was missing you mr. Jiggs!

  2. Just found your blog Mr Jiggs - so happy to see you here! I see you're still an entertaining little fella. Enjoy your cushy spot with your fabulous foster family ;)