Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have a new friend - guess who it is!!!

I have a new friend - can you guess who it is??
Lots of you know her already...
She is beeeauuuutiful...
She is grey and white...
and her ears are much smaller than mine (although that's not too hard!)
But the best part is that she is just as happy and bouncy as I am!

Did you guess who she is yet???

Here's a picture of us after a fun bouncing session:

Me and my new friend


  1. Is that a certain atomic wonder woman?

  2. Jiggs may have the bigger ears but A. Betty has the bigger smile!

  3. And just for the record - that couch behind us was trashed long before Betty and I got there!!

  4. You 2 are gorgeous!!! And of course you wouldn't damage anything. (:

    Your fan, Sarah

  5. Love it! and thanks for clarifying the couch although everyone loves a couch that's been broken in!